Blackfeet Enrollment Department

New Tribal ID's!

The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council approves new Identification Cards for enrolled members of the Blackfeet Tribe.

Blackfeet Enrollment ID All members of the Blackfeet Nation, thirteen (13) years of age and older, upon request can purchase this card as an official recognized tribal document.

Obtaining Your Tribal Identification Card

Tribal ID Guidelines and Requirements

  • You must be physically present to take your photo and to provide your signature for your ID, unless we have a current (within 2 years) picture ID on file. No Exceptions!
  • You must provide the Enrollment ID Clerk with (two forms of) valid identification. Examples:
    • Primary - State ID, Driver's License, Passport, Military ID
    • Secondary - School or College ID and Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.
  • Identification guidelines will be strictly adhered to with NO exceptions. ID's will not be provided to members who cannot legally prove thier identity.
  • Tribal Identification Cards reflect the information contained in your current enrollment record within the enrollment registry. If your information is out of date due to name change, marriage, divorce, or change of address etc., legal documents may be required to correct your enrollment file prior to obtaining your tribal ID card.  More information


If you already have a picture ID on file with the Blackfeet Enrollment Office and would like a copy sent to you:

  • Be sure you have a current address on file with our office, or you must send us a notorized address change form. (See Documents)
    • Tribal ID Fees

      • Enrolled Member: $10.00 (receipt required)
      • Enrolled Member (65) years and older: No Charge


      Enlarge Tribal Complex Directional Map The Enrollment Department no longer accepts payments for Tribal ID's. Payments are now accepted at the Blackfeet Finance Department located in the building to the east of the Enrollment Office.  See Map

      Payments can also be made via mail using money order to the Blackfeet Tribe Finance Office. (Please specify your request) Alternately, out-of-area payments can be made by having a family member or friend pre-pay in person at the Finance Department Browning MT.

      Note: Tribal ID's cannot be released to anyone without written notarized consent from the tribal member. No Exceptions!

      Please don't hesitate to contact the Enrollment Office if you have any questions. Thank You.